Die Borg Cube Cocktail Bot besteht grob aus zwei Getränkekisten, Pumpen, LEDs, Plexiglas, Platinen, mit Hammerschlaglack besprühte Platinen, Kabelbindern, Schläuchen, Buttons, ein paar Sensoren und Lautsprechern. Angesteuert wird das alles von einem Raspberry Pie.

Stimme: Seven of Nine

Technische Details und Link zum Code folgen.

First stop: 2021

Hier ein paar Impressionen:

Do you know the feeling of standing between strangers with a drink and not finding a conversation topic? Then you should drink your cocktail at the Borg Cube Cocktail Robot. Here you can start a conversation with absolutely anyone. Everyone has something to say about Star Trek. If you just stay long enough, you will meet

  • people who know who Icheb is
  • people who don't know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars
  • people who once watched a Star Trek episode out of boredom and found it stupid
  • Trekkies (They will complain to you that the Cube is not to scale, and anyway, why Borgs)
  • fanfiction readers
  • engineers (try “resistance is futile”)
  • people who only know the phrase “beam me up scotty”
  • spoof lovers
  • Austrians who know that Edelweiss had a song with Star Trek reference “Starship Edelweiss”
  • Austrians who don't know Edelweiss at all

And what kind of cocktails are expecting you? 3 super strong super Borgs are name giving to the 3 delicious Borg Cube's Borgtails:
Seven of Nine does not tolerate alcohol, so please enjoy the tasty freshness of orange juice, refined with grenadine.
Mezoti is young but curious and brave and adds a vodka shot to the orange juice.
The queen of all Borgtails, the epitome of perfection, is of course the Borg Queen. The green colour given by luscious orange juice and bitter Blue Curaçao represents the ruthlessness of the Borgs leader.

We are the beginning, the end, the ones who are many. We are the Borg.


2021: Der Mixing Cocktails: Mischen Award der Roboexotica 2021

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