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PiGi Geigercounter
Sammelbestellung: Board & Bauteile für PiGi
Hardware, Software


Preis für Board & einen einzeln teuer zu beschaffenden Poti: ~1,70€

~10€ für benötigte Bauteile >10€ für eine GeigerMüllerZählrohr

Mit ~30€ einsatz sollte sich damit also ein einfacher Geigerzähler bauen lassen.

anfängerfreundliches SMD-Löten

Das Board erzeugt die zum Betrieb des GMZ nötige Hochspannung & gibt bei detektierter Strahlung eine falling edge aus die von RasPi, Arduino, ESP* oder sonstwas weiterverarbeitet werden kann.

Details auf der Projektseite


pc item content
1 GM-tube type SBM-20
1 board -
1 green bag C1-4, T1-3, IC1, L1
1 clear bag R1-9, J1

Below is a list of all parts with their marking and recommended solder order.

:!: Before you start building it, please make sure :!:

  1. no parts are missing (compare content of bags in your kit to the list above)
  2. you have read and understood the documentation


# V1.1 Part/Value Package Marking Notes
1 D2 MMSD4148 black belt mark facing towards C4
2 C4 1nF 0805 green
3 R5 330 ohms 0805 orange
4 R4 100k 0805 light green
5 R6 220k 0805 red don't confuse with R1
6 R1 1k 0805 pink don't confuse with R6
7 R9 27k 0805 yellow
8 IC1 TLC555QDRQ1/ICM7555 SOIC-8 8 pins Case mark facing towards R6
9 T2 MMBT4401 SOT-23 black package , 3 pins
10 J1 0 Ohm 0805 yellow/violett can be solder bridged instead of placing part

:!: In the picture above the J1b is closed. This routes the output signal to Pin 7 (GPIO4) on the RaspberryPi. Alternatively, you can close J1a, which would output the signal to Pin 11 (GPIO17)

# V1.1 Part/Value Package Marking Notes
1 C5 330pF 0805 red/green
2 R7 1.5k 0805 grey
3 R8 100k 0805 light green default - see signals for alternative values
4 T3 MMBT4401 SOT-23 black package, 3 pins
5 C1 220uF/10V LowESR Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor see BRD loose black mark towards open hardware logo (=rounded corners towards T3)
6 C2 Vishay MLCC 10nF/1kV 1206 black package, 2 lightbrown parts
7 C3 Vishay MLCC 10nF/1kV 1206 black package, 2 lightbrown parts
8 R2 KOA Thick Film 1M 0.25W 0.5% 1206 black
9 R3 KOA Thick Film 4.7M 0.25W 1% 1206 violet
10 D1 Vishay BYGM23 Fast Recovery Diode 1.5A/ 1000V/ 75ns DO-214AC (SMA) clear package
11 T1 STN0214 Bipolar NPN 1k2V SOT-223 black package
12 L1 Murata Shielded Inductor 15mH see BRD pink foam, 4 pins
13 R10 Bourns Trimmer 100R see BRD blue trimmer
* R10a optional, with a fixed value instead of R10 0805 -
14 H1 Stacking Raspberry Pi Header 2×13 2.54mm - optional - not included in the kit

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