Mate Workshop Aftermath

at Aktiv Symposium München 22 @prk0ghy held a workshop on the topic of mate asm:22:workshops:m this page documents the findings.
For this workshop we used a 10l of water in which 150g Mate was brewed.
First we tried to figure out the acidity ratio right for making mate.
We tested the following recipes:

First we tested sweetness (no added acid):

Add SWEET/ to 100ml Mate
1g 2g 5g

In this case industrial sugar was used.

We came to the conclusion that we liked 2g sugar / 100ml Mate the most.

Then we tested adding acid:

Add ACID/ to 100ml Mate
1ml 2ml 5ml

In this case lemon juice was used.

We came to the conclusion that 2ml was best.

After trying sweetness again with a bit of acidity we came to the conclusion that we had to up the sweetness and continued with a base recipe of
adding 2ml of lemon juice and 3g of sugar to each 100ml of mate tee.
Then we tried some flavour components.

Good combinations included
- adding currant juice
- adding maracuja juice

We then proceeded to add approximately 25ml of maracuja juice to each 100ml of mate tee sugar and acid.
We mixed the leftover mate tee in approximately this ration and bottled it up in empty and washed (1x hand 2x dishwasher) bottles.
This picture documents the outcome:

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