What is a RepRap?

have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMhG4fWQnlE

More information and pictures in the slides of the reprap lecture at easterhegg 2010.
A recording of this talk is available at http://ftp.ccc.de/events/eh2010/mp4_1024x576/EH2010-3766-de-reprap.mp4

Current Status

2013-09-17: Neues Kaptontape auf Heatbed geklebt, Testdrucke für Ray's Schlüssel…mittelerfolgreich - chris007

2013-09-10: Neue Heatbed-Steuerung eingebaut. Die Heizplatte ist jetzt direkt mit dem Netzteil verbunden. Die Regelung erfolgt über eine Schaltdose welche mit einem China Regler verbunden ist (der selbe welcher auch in der Softeismaschine verbaut ist. Aktuell temperaturen zw. 50 und 80 Grad getestet. HowTo muss noch erstellt werden. - andz

2013-08-27: Führung der beiden seitlichen Riemen mit größeren Beilagscheiben gefixt. Regelung der Heizplatte suboptimal, um Ersatz wird geguckt - bis dahin: Platte manuell zeitig ausschalten - chris007

2013-08-20: KISSlicer (http://kisslicer.com/) + RepMan (http://kisslicer.com/files/GlasswalkerSettings.zip) profile in Betrieb genommen, erster Testdruck in low quality erfolgreich (und bisschen hässlich) - chris007

2012-07-07: funktioniert. heizplatte wird via labornetzteil betrieben. kurzes howto erstellet

2011-05-29: Flashed firmware v4.1.1s. Printing test pending.

2011-01-09: Flashed firmware v4.1.0 beta2. RapMan is operational. BfB Axon with “RapMan Single” & “BfB-Z0.25-ABS” profile creates working .gcode. Use with caution because of BETA firmware.

2010-08-23: Sanded and calibrated new base plate. Miscellaneous maintenance: Cleaned, greased Z-Idlers & tightened screws. Started work on Skeinforge profile (vgl repo/redmine).

2010-08-16: Flashed current firmware (4.0.2). Seems to work fine. Proper testing has to be done, when new Skeinforge profile gets ready.

2010-July : Extruder was dis- and reassembled for maintenance. Nozzle is unclogged again and in a “as new” condition. Because of these physical parameter changes a new Skeinforge profile is necessary. Since current Skeinforge versions are not working properly with old profiles, creating a new profile from scratch is the way to go. A new baseplate was cut and installed as well, but has to be sanded before it is ready for use.

2009-11-25: BitsFromBytes has released the firmware source code. Happy hacking!

2009-10-11: The extruder head has been upgraded to fix the instability issues of the PTFE tube. A first, superficial test showed the print-head is functional with the new parts. Proper calibration and probably a new Skeinforge profile will be needed for usable print quality. Old .bfb files should be used with caution. A switch was added to the power cable to power the RapMan on and off. WARNING: “Suicide mode” is neither analysed enough nor confirmed to be gone, so the RepMan should not be left unattended when switched on. Side note: BbB have published detailed Skeinforge calibration instruction in the blog.

2009-09-18: WARNING - reprap has suicidal tendencies. The reason still is unknown, but sometimes a print doesn't start right. I think it's the same effect we attributed to not rebooting after a print, but it can also happen freshly powered up. For some reason it seems to happen more often now than before. So it is important to be at the reprap when heating is over and printing starts… If the steppers go loud and slow: immediate power down, if the extruder already is over the z-plate press it down, power up again, manual move, down - otherwise it gets burned one more hole… Once a print is started it seems to go through without problems. Very strange. 1.0.6 didn't fix it, we're flashed back to 1.0.5.

2009-08-23: reprap is ready for print again, z-idler-post were fixed. the extruder update is planed for the end of this week or next week. please keep in mind that the reprap will probably be in a non-productive state after that for a while until it is recalibrated so if you have stuff to print, better do it now.

2009-08-21: Not ready for print: the z-idler-posts are a bit loose, moving belt and driving gear also should be readjusted. 9r plans to work on this next week.

2009-08-01: Should be ready for print again. Please watch printing process carefully, espcially: Is the raft printed too deep in the baseplate (yes: abort!)? Does the z-plate move correctly down during printing?

2008-08-01: New Baseplate has been installed (thanx to mazzoo for cutting it!), extruder is cleaned again and z-axis should be fixed.

On 2009-07-30 the whole reprap was accidentally. Needs a new printing base plate, some cleaning of the extruder and readjustment of the z-axis movement mechanism.

We bought a RepRap v3 kit at http://bitsfrombytes.com.
The machine was financed by donations and by a grant of CCC e.V.
It arrived on 26.05.09. Assembly has been finished on 07.06.09.

(quite some status missing…)


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