Node Development Hardware

To create basic bus nodes small development boards were designed. They are small PCBs with cheap SMD components which can be easily integrated into own projects.


  • Controller: ATMega164, ATMega324 or ATMega644
  • 18MHz xtal
  • RFM12 module or RS485 transceiver
  • 2.5V voltage reference for ADC
  • RS485 version: 5V, 200mA switching regulator (LM2574, LM2594, LM2674 depending on availability and cost)
  • RF version: 5V linear regulator
  • 2.54mm connections for integration into own projects
  • RS485 version: One RJ45 connector
  • RF version: Pads for a SMA antenna connector
  • ISP connector
  • one current output for motors or lights

Size of the PCBs: 49mm x 33mm

You can get a kit for the RF or RS485 development boards.

RF 15 Eur
RS485 17 Eur

colorcodes of smd parts - RS485 kit

Wert Bauform Farbcode
100nF 0805 rot
22pf 0805 blau
330ohm 0805 grĂ¼n
220Kohm 0805 rosa
1Kohm 0805 gelb
? 0603 braun


Bridge Hardware

Currently only the moodlamp can act as a bridge to a computer.

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