Avahi Support

All uberbus nodes and their services are announced via Avahi/MDNS.

Currently most Linux distributions have resolving of IPv6 addresses via MDNS disabled.

To enable it you have to edit the specific configuration file. Under Debian/Ubuntu do the following:

sudo vim /etc/nsswitch.conf
#In the line beginning with "hosts:" replace both occurrences of "mdns4" with "mdns"

You are now able to resolve IPv6 addresses via MDNS.

A problem with this approach is that avahi now tries to resolve IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a given node. As the nodes have no IPv4 address this leads to a time out. The result is a long delay.

This can be resolved by replacing the 'mdns' entries in /etc/nsswitch.conf with 'mdns6'. This prevents avahi from resolving IPv4 addresses. Keep in mind that this disables avahi for use with devices that do not speak IPv6!

Python Support

trunk/software/pythonlib contains a simple python library to access the uberbus via IPv6 and a TCP connection to the devices.

To install the library issue the following command in this directory:

sudo python setup.py install

The libary contains support for basic bus nodes, moodlamps and input switches. There are examples in trunk/pythonexamples on how to use the library

A first documentation can be found here.

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