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Attention: Running the reprap with wrong parameters may inflict serious damage to the extruder or the base plate!

To get reliable prints you have to find out the correct parameters for your extruder and material. This includes the distance from the base plate, temperature and speed.

When running the extruder at a too low temperature may result in pressure building up inside the extruder. This can damage the ptfe tube beyond repair. You have to recalibrate the temperature settings for every new material you are using. Even the same type of material on different rolls may have different parameters.

To get some initial values to work with follow the instructions which can be found at the blog from bits from bytes.

See and

A short summary: Adjust the bed according to the instructions. When laying out the bed the nozzle should press the extruded plastic a bit onto the bed so it sticks good.

To get a initial temperature to run with heat the extruder to the desired value. Then try to feed the plastic by hand. If you can produce some nice filament by hand fasten the clamps pressing the plastic to the shaft. We had some success using ABS at 240°C.

If you set a temperature that is too low you might damage the extruder by building up to much pressure. If you set a to high temperature the ptfe may fail.

Check if you can restart the machine reliably from a clod state.

Now you can try your first print which will be a “schnaps glas” ;)

The base laeyed out for the minimug is very strong. The first layer is printed out at 1/4 the normal speed producing a very thick first layer. The next layers are printed at a faster speed.

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