Hackerspace Budapest <-> CCC Munich Geekend

# bpmuc Geekend 2013 Call for Participation

## WTF?

On 22nd November 2013 some hackers from Budapest are going to visit the Chaos Computer Club Munich ( https://wiki.muc.ccc.de ).
Some time after that, some hackers from Munich will visit the hackerspace Budapest ( https://hsbp.org ). 

All for fun and profit (and bootstrapping trust, of course).

The plan[tm] came up, when some hackers from Munich visited the 
first incarnation of campZer0 ( http://camp.hsbp.org ) in Hungary 
end of September.

The following is a proposal for such a geekend, and a call for
participation. If you want to participate, please have a look at the
organizing site at https://wiki.muc.ccc.de/hsbpmuc-geekend.

[Please see end of this text for ssl-certificate Information]

## A proposal of what may or may not happen

### Schedule

#### Friday

  * departure from Budapest 15:10 Keleti Pályaudvar
  * arrival 22:32 München Hauptbahnhof
  * meet & greet @ muCCC (Tschunk will be served)

#### Saturday
  * morning till 15:00: window of opportunity (sightseeing, hacking, and stuff)
  * 15:00 - 20:00 talks (lightning style) & workshops @muCCC
  * 20:00 - open end socializing @muCCC (Tschunk bar/party)
  * If you want 5 minutes to talk about your current project or 
    need more time to organzise a workshop, please visit


    and submit your idea! muCCC has a large enough room for talks and
    an electronics laboratory as well as a small wood/metal workshop.

#### Sunday

  * 11:00 breakfast @ muCCC
  * 12:23 departure
     * last train to budapest leaves munich around 13:00,
       arrives at ~20:50

### Socializing / Partey

  * Well, pretty self-explaining, vague planning at friday, 
    socializing presumably saturday evening.

### Where to sleep

  * ruebezahl will try to organize proper accomodation and has
    a backup-plan if anything else fails.
  * Please operate under the assumption that you will need a
    sleeping bag and some kind of camping mat. Details will be provided
    a few days in advance.

Hash: SHA1

https://wiki.muc.ccc.de certificate information

sha256 fingerprint:
  29 A7 A4 CB 5F 6C 04 CB 51 33 3D 20 72 DB 93 06
  58 3A D7 5E 44 4A 6F B7 CB 65 FF 2F 7B DF BB 9C

sha1 fingerprint:
  DC 5B EB 34 1E FD 3F 62 96 F7 75 85 3B 2B 52 DF
  F2 5C 94 BC


Talks may be Lightning Talks, Workshops or just Discussions and Exchange of Ideas. You don't have to bring a full fleged presentation, etc.

Time Topic Name/Nick
16:00 opening keynote 😉 tba
16:10 wtf:muc tba
16:20 wtf:hack stf
16:30 muCCC Door Lock System s
17:00 muCCC acab 9R
17:30 re:DNS ruebezahl, fpletz
18:00 hw crypto PoC stf
18:30 radio vs. hackers dnet
19:00 the story of hspbp misnyo
19:30 Turfgrass hack akos
  1. define wtf:* 10 minute talk about deviations, routines, wins, fails of the group.

please consider putting your Nick/Name on this List, it helps planning.

Nick Need a place to sleep?
ruebezahl no
stf yes
fpletz no
Akos yes
jomat no
andi no
dnet yes
TesseracT yes
Skully yes
oida no
misnyo yes
c no
martin no
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